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 The History of Shaiya !

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PostSubject: The History of Shaiya !    Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:46 am

In a time before time, when the world was only in darkness, a Goddess came from another dimension named Etaine, with a mission to create the world of Shaiya in harmony and prosperity. In 333 days, through her will, strength, and a desire for a perfect world, she created the vast and rich land called Teos Epeiros. She initially created one large ocean that she immersed herself in to create all the continents out of her flesh. Mountains were made high and rivers ran deep throughout the land in likeness of the veins that ran within her body. She created green forests and plains that engulfed the lands in the likeness of her youthful complexion. The sky and stars inherited their exquisiteness from the likeness of her eyes.

All lives began from the hands of the Goddess of Etaine. At first, she created the Dragon Gods: Thelaiosis, to help her rule the kingdom of Teos Epeiros. Threemans, one of the Thelaiosisians had suggested to the Goddess that creating two more races, the Nordein and the Dumianas, would dramatically help aid the progression of prosperity in Teos. Soon after, with the help of Threemas, the Nordein and Dumianas were created.

The Nordein, were unfortunately born with deformities and unflattering features that made the Goddess deem them failures. She cast them back into the soil to be forgotten. Learning from the previous mistake of creating a race without a vision, the Dumianas were made in likeness of the Goddess with the Thelaiosisian's loyalty and virtue. All lived and prospered in harmony and worshipped the Goddess.

In time, the Dumianas developed strength. The Goddess gave them the gift of intelligence and knowledge, not knowing that such blessings would eventually foster ambitions, doubts, and growing disrespect and denial of her authority. The Dumianas eventually rebelled and started a war that lasted for 7 years.

As the war waged on, the Goddess Etaine became depressed with her failed creation and became weak. Her beauty faded along with her power. Taking advantage of the situation, the Dumianas ended the Goddess’ life with a piercing sword.

As she fell, her tormented soul shattered and was torn into two halves.

Upon her death, the land shook and the sky darkened as the living things throughout the world of Shaiya were quickly devoured into the soil as if to wash away the sins her subjects had committed.

A majority of Teos Eperios' land and inhabitants were destroyed. Fate allowed Proton and Eustatin, two remaining Dumianas, to survive and rebuild the lands. They hid themselves deep in Mount Aspeleia and lived together happily for years.

One day, Eustatin found out that she was pregnant. Alone in this world, scared, and confused about what to do next, Proton responded harshly and opted to take separate paths. Proton migrated to the north while Eustatin moved to the south.

In the South, Eustatsin lived in solitude and gave birth to a healthy son. Almost as if she was holding out until her son could fend for himself, she mysteriously died when he reached adulthood. The cremation fire burned for 100 days, fostered only by the resentments and hatred toward Proton. Even in cremation, to spare her son the anguish of living alone, Eustatin's motherly soul created a young woman from her ashes to share a life with her son. They became the ancestors of the Vail race, but still carried much of the resentment of the past.

For Proton, his life remained haunted by the actions taken by the Dumianas toward the Goddess Etaine as well as his own actions of abandoning the love of his life. In his loneliness, he created a statue in the image of the Eustatin in a tree. One day, the wooden figurine turned into a living woman in resemblance of Eustatin. Infused with the blood of the Earthen Goddess and Proton, they became the founders of the Elven race.

For five hundred years, the two races of Vail and Elves lived separately, unknowing of each others existence. As their races developed and progressed, they expanded their realms coming into contact with one another. The meetings were never cordial. The Vail pushed Northward while the Elf pushed Southward. Many battles were lost and won on both sides, but neither side could advance beyond the Fluvious River.

As for Etaine (once the Goddess of Etaine and now the Goddess of Shaiya), her body vanished with her death, but her soul remained divided in half. The division of her active soul created supernatural events that triggered occasional eclipses. When an eclipse happened, the world shook vigorously; the ground cracked wildly, and initiated a monstrous storm. The world of Shaiya virtually came to a halt, and the war between the Vail and the Elves momentarily stopped in fear of the Goddesses' power. On one of the eclipses, between the two oceans, a large island of Etos suddenly appeared and was born into the world of Shaiya. The inhabitants of Etos were of the Human race and came from the dimension of Gaia. After 200 years, the Human population prospered, but the island could not hold them and they were forced to migrate to the mainland of Teos. They soon found the Elves and formed the Alliance of Light.

In that same eclipse, in the Southern land where the Vail existed, the ground cracked open, and the Nordein that were once cast away and existed in the underground solitude, came out of the underworld with an evolved, stronger and larger form: the Deatheaters. Aggrogant, aggressive, and reckless at first, they waged war on both the Human-Elf alliance and the Vail as vengeance for their confinement. When they found themselves on the verge of defeat at the hands of the Human-Elf alliance, the Deatheaters were rescued by the Vail who aspired to create an force against the Alliance of Light, founding the Union of Fury.

Here our story begins...

P.S: I have and some pictures for my story but I can't post it here cuz I don't know how.I was not working on this Forums. Very Sorry !

Thank you !!
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The History of Shaiya !
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