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 ok i bin here for about 4 days now

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ok i bin here for about 4 days now Empty
PostSubject: ok i bin here for about 4 days now   ok i bin here for about 4 days now EmptySat Oct 29, 2011 3:53 pm

ok so i bin in this server for 4 days u guys have one good [GS] that should be a [GM] and a [GM/[ADM] that dos not know what hes doing and needs to fix the drops and fuck every thing u are doing with donations till u fix the dam drops and put in a better [GM] one who plays like [GS]warduke hes/shes bin giving his ap he got for being a [GS] out for events to make the server better and saying sorry it will be fixed soon but yet u keep him in the dark well from what i can see and he cant do any thing to fix it beacus he/she cant give us the drops that are listed on the drop list beacus he/she is not a [GM] and there is no reson for it i see 5 poepel on light side and maby 10 on dark side and no way to get better gears for pvp or any thing people wont stay and make donations if there is no fun or players u will lose very buddy if u dont get your shit togeather and fix some shit learn how to run a server or take it offline the only person who knows how to make people happy is the only reason i stay if it was not for [GS]warduke i would of left the first day he/she has bin the nicest person i seen and if this server gos down i wont be suprized there is like 4[GS]es but i only every see one get a better staff or some thing since the only [GS] is trying his/her best to keep the server running good u should do something for him/her or fix the staff and show the server if u dont do your job u get kiked i mean come on one person for 15 ouths is fine but win more peopel start to come and stuff still dont get fixed people will say have look at the Nub server at leste get a good [GM] that can do some good like [GS]Warduke come on do somting about it and maby more people will join so ether get your shit together and give people who do play some stuff or give [GS]Warduke [GM] so he/she can help u win u are not on beaus he is on every day at lest 6-9 hours a day and makes it so i relly want to stay but if [GS]Warduke leaves i know almost every one on dark side will also so plz plz plz plz for the sake of your server fix shit and get some better staff or just give[GS]warduke [GM] and he/she can fix shit or buy professional [GM] for a week so the server is fun but its all up to u but i do know the only reason people are stay is beaus of [GS]wardukes events and the way he/she make every one feel at home so fix shit get a good [GM] make shit better or u will lose every one and take down donations beaus at the moment the way the server is no buddy will donate for a server in batta fix shit and make it a open server and u may see donations but till then u wont see shit have fun with the server and i hope to see some changes but till then this server is shit and u wont see very meany members join
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ok i bin here for about 4 days now Empty
PostSubject: Re: ok i bin here for about 4 days now   ok i bin here for about 4 days now EmptySat Oct 29, 2011 7:01 pm

ok sorry to say this but stop QQ and just play Evil or Very Mad admin will fix the stuff soon and he made the donations so he dont have to later Smile be nice and thing will get done. when he has time for it .it takes some time to get drops fixed and it only takes like 2 mins to put up stuff on the forms lol! all u have to do is wait and stuff will get fixed. and i do agre with u about making me a GM plz dont use my name to bash the admin its not nice Evil or Very Mad so plz just wait and soon stuff will be fixed and we can keep going and stuff will be added and we can get the server up and running to a point where this will be a good server plz.but if u have any more bashing to do DON'T!!!!!
take it up with admin in game or in a pm on forms this is something that should be private not public



ok i bin here for about 4 days now Black-templar-1-1
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ok i bin here for about 4 days now
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